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July 28 2011

Environmental Disasters (Halliburton)

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There is a city in Oklahoma who has ground water now contaminated by Halliburton burning rocket fuel.  Remember, the largest oil spill in the gulf was partly blamed on the poor judgement of Halliburton and British Petroleum.  I’m beginning to think that maybe poor judgement is part of their corporate mind set.  Even in North Pole, Alaska the ground water has been contaminated by the refinery that was built in the 70’s.  It was owned by the Koch Brothers, Williams Oil and I’m not sure now who is the operator and owners now.  The contamination of ground water by these companies is beyond pale.  For example, just look at the contamination of water all around the country with the
Methyl tert-butyl ether that the very same oil companies added to their refined products.  Corpus Christi, Texas ground water contamination by the oil refineries there was in the news while we were staying there.   Whole neighborhoods can not use their wells for domestic water.   Now I hear the Tea Party and their Republican stooges are wanting to roll back our environmental laws.  That makes sense doesn’t it.

April 11 2011

Stormy Night

Stormy Weather

1828-copy1.jpgI was awakened last night by a huge clap of thunder.  There was extreme storm warnings all around us here in Burleson.  Some areas of this county were hit really hard by high winds and maybe tornadoes also in some areas. Nothing more than heavy rain and strong winds here but no damage.

April 4 2011

Cardinals of Burleson

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Red Birds

1726-copy1.jpgI was awakened early this morning to thunder and lightning.  The wind and rain were blowing and then the hail started to fall.  This is the first time in the RV experiencing hail on the roof.  I don’t really care for it.  All I could think of was the skylight over the shower shattering and breaking.  Then my thoughts turned towards the rubber roof on the RV.  I hope that doesn’t receive any damage from the hail either.