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September 2 2009

What kind of Groceries

Ok what do I want to eat tonight


Stopping by to see what is for dinner here at the RV  feeder in Texas

June 23 2009

Midnight Sun Flyers

Even with the Midnight Sun


In the chat room I get asked if the flying squirrels come out even with the daylight.  Yes they do, they still have to eat but it’s always late right after the sun has gone down.  They usually are gone before it gets to bright though.

June 17 2009

Flying Squirrels

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Flying Squirrels Babies


Yesterday I was notified by the squirrel board of a lady who needed help with some baby flying squirrels.  I gave her a call yesterday and she brought them by asking if I could give her an age estimation.   They were precious and I’m sorry I didn’t take any photographs of them.  She’s is doing all the right things with their care.  They looked to be around 5 to 6 weeks of age.