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May 27 2010


Cock of the Walk


I saw this old boy and immediately thought of old Rodney, The king of the Permafrost Ranch we left in Alaska.  Rodney and the girls.  I miss hearing his crowing and I’m sure those of you who remembered the streaming Squirrel Cam remember old Rodney.

January 27 2010

Cock of the Walk

Yesterday’s Adventure

6184.jpg I couldn’t help myself, I was out on a photo walk of the Mission Trail yesterday.  I heard this bad boy crow, and thought immediately of old Rodney.  I miss the old bird, but his southern cousin here sure is as good looking as Rodney was.

June 27 2009

The Old Permafrost Ranch

It May Be Sold


We have received our first viable offer to buy the old Permafrost Ranch.  This picture was taken shortly after midnight because I was up, thinking about the offer.  I can’t sleep because I’m torn on what decision to make.  As I sit here and watch a little Red Squirrel on the feeder, all these memories come flooding into my mind.  Many changes of our lives have happened while we have lived here.  The kids were small when we moved in and now they are grown with kids of their own. As the years have passed I’ve grown from a young man to an old man.  I’ve watched many generations of squirrels live and die out this window.  I worried as to what will happen to them when I’m gone.  I’m very meloncoly thinking of all these memories and choices I have to make.  Summer nights in Alaska are sweet and it’s hard to think of leaving this behind. Even though the winters are so brutal and its harder and  harder for us to cope.  With the high cost of living in Alaska we know financially we will hopefully be better off outside. Can you understand the feelings I’m having tonight.   The thought of having to empty the place and sell off all those things we have accumulated over those years fills me with dread knowing the time will be short to do such a thing.  In so many ways my  mind is reeling with doubts and fears.  Then in others there is a sort of excitement in finding a new way of living searching out our place in the sun, looking for America.  Meeting all those folks who have watched with me out this window.  It’s a hard decision to make.  I pray what ever decision is made, it’s the right one.  The worse thing I want is to regret that we made the wrong choice.  Will I regret hearing the chatter of the Red Squirrels, the crowing of Rodney.  I know those things will be missed. To leave the old Permafrost Ranch is going to be harder than I thought now that the actual end is near.