September 10 2017

Tears of Joy & Regret

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I turned 69 years of age yesterday. I’ve pretty much seen it all in these 69 years of life. Nonetheless, I received a birthday card today in the mail. It was from my Little Brother. Now, I know this might not sound like a big deal, for a man of 69 to receive a card from his little brother.

It brought a river of tears, tears for not knowing I even had a little brother all these years. Tears, tears for my mother, because for what ever it was, for what ever reason, she hid his existence all those years. Just like she did to my father, she hid his existence from me.

Tears, tears to hear that my father passed, before I even knew of him. Tears, to hear I have another sister and brother I have never met because I didn’t know.

Tears, tears for my son. Because I too hid his existence, oh I knew he was there. I just wasn’t there for him. Tears for my daughters, because they too didn’t know of their brother.

All I can think about, is if I could only turn back time.

 August 30 2017

New Porch

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Easier Access Porch

 New porch is here

Under construction]

New porch

New porchNew porch

Here is the new porch and everything in place.  Looks good and it sure makes getting in and out easier. 

 August 17 2017

New Scan Results

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Good News

No anatomic or metabolic evidence of progressive malignancy.

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