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February 3 2017

Greetings from the Hot Pools

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Just a Note

UntitledJust needed to post something to see if it still works right.  Greetings from the Hot  Pools, life is good.   Enjoy every minute you can.

July 9 2016


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Old man



I’ve completed six sessions of Chemo Therapy.  The Doctors says I’m in kind of remission, and we will continue the immunotherapy for a time because I still have active mets in my spine.  It’s good news, nonetheless, I look in the mirror and it looks like I’ve aged years in the past 6 months.  What is even more scary is an acquaintance unexpectedly passed away from I assume the complications of a surgery to repair a hernia.  Although, he was in poor health he was only 63.

I can only hope my strength improves quickly, this being weak is hard to deal with.

Tomorrow is granted to no one.  Yesterday has come and gone won’t ever be again.  Today is all we have.  Let us make the best of it.

December 8 2015


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Bad News

I waited until the last hours to send in a form as jpgs to an insurance company.  They want a fax, they didn’t how to deal with the jpgs.  So, I didn’t see the email asking for me to fax until almost 8 last night.  I was so tired from the procedure I went though that afternoon that I couldn’t find anywhere at the time of the night to fax it.  So, I’ve lost my drug coverage for the next year.  Thanks of so much 

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