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November 20 2017

Unusual Paint Jobs

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RV’s Paint Job

I love thisNicely done and very unusual Paint jobs.

August 30 2017

New Porch

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Easier Access Porch

 New porch is here

Under construction]

New porch

New porchNew porch

Here is the new porch and everything in place.  Looks good and it sure makes getting in and out easier. 

November 10 2015

Trouble Happens

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I’m sorry I haven’t posted in quite the while, so much is going on and so much happened but this photo is when we broke down.  We had to be towed into Desert Hot Springs.  The old horse just gave up the ghost and we had to have it worked on.  I hope everyone understands.  I’ll try to fill it all in for everyone but as it is right now we’re here for Health Reasons.