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May 31 2012

Red Squirrel

Look Who Paid Me A Visit


It looked oh so much like the little Douglas Squirrels I wasn’t sure at first until a little Douglas Squirrel showed up to challenge the Red.  The Red is bigger and the stripe is blacker on it’s side.  Head shape is a bit different too along with tail  and fur coloration.

April 6 2011

Blast From The Past


41-copy.jpgHere is a photo of Bubba back on the old Permafrost Ranch when he was just a young buck.

June 29 2009

Little Red Squirrels

Little Red Beauties


Couldn’t sleep this evening and was watching the flyers on the cam.  But the little Reds were also active in the evenings this time of the year.  They are so pretty but so aggressive towards each other.  Nonetheless, what a subject they have made for me to photograph.  Now, since we may be traveling around the country, I’ll have to break out into other subjects.  It will be a good change forcing me to take different pictures in different ways.  Hopefully, I’ll get lucky enough to capture a few good ones.