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November 10 2017

Art in the Desert

Rock Art

Some people have a different perspective and they show it in interesting waysDebbie said there is a homeless fellow who does this all over town here in Desert Hot Springs.  They had to tell him to cease and desist from doing it downtown.  Nonetheless, it’s really kind of neat to come across something like this.

September 3 2015


Life on the Road

IMG_4717 copyLiving and Loving in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Just killing time while waiting for parts to arrive for the RV, then back on the road again. 

January 1 2013

Squirrel Cam Journey

Moving down the Highway

The new year has come and the old has gone.  We will be slip sliding away from New Mexico.  I want to wish family and friends who have followed the Squirrel Cam and our journey a Happy New Year.  We are slipping back towards California, with a stop in Arizona to explore the Canyon.  It might be a good place to take some pictures.    Look forward to a new year.