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September 15 2011

Leaving Oklahoma

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Thoughts from the Trail

We have stayed in Oklahoma for 5 months of the hottest summer on record.  Just my luck after leaving the old Permafrost Ranch behind.   I’ve loaded the wagon, and will hitch up the horse to it and leave on morning of the 17th headed west.  I suppose all the excitement of preparing to journey on down the road has spiked by insomnia.  That’s why the message tonight.  While here in the heartland, we have added our two cents or more to the local economy with health care issues for both of us.  Nonetheless, we didn’t get to do all those things we wanted while here but plan on returning some day.  

I’m looking forward to the trail.


September 12 2011

Just Watching The Flies

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Tree Frogs


If you have been wondering where I’ve been, I’ve just been taking it easy along with the rest of the frogs.  Were just sitting around swatting flies.


August 27 2011

Oklahoma Fox Squirrels

Watching for Danger


She’s looking for the cat, to make sure she can grab a bite to eat.