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December 13 2017

Off to See the Wizard

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Another visit with the Wizard today and Treatment. Next Month we will go for another scan. He said he didn’t like having to submit me to the radiation but we need to see what the metz are doing. The PSA numbers continue to fluctuate but he isn’t really concerned about them at this time, unless they make a big jump. Isn’t it funny, it’s been a little over two years since my original diagnoses. I’m still here. We’re lucky to have gotten this far, with a stage four full blown metastatic (Castrate Resistant) Prostate Cancer, that had already metastasized. If we stay with the current treatment plan, we may get a couple or few more years.

December 17 2016

Life on the Road


Hello, Squirrel Cam watchers, family, friends, followers on my Facebook page.  First thing first, Mvto, or thanks.  I want all to have the best of holidays, no matter what religion you follow or don’t.  Now, to let everyone know, what the status of my health is.  I just had a recent CT-scan and the results were discussed with my Oncologist.  He was very happy and so am I.  The scan showed no growth in the metz in my spine.  My lymph nodes show little to no activity.  As of now, the immunotherapy is doing it’s job by keeping them all in check.  My blood work, shows my PSA reading in the normal levels, although they are slowly rising.  It’s good news, but I still have cancer, and how long I can stay on this treatment isn’t known.  So, for now, we keep doing what we are doing and hope it stays this way for a long while.  

March 22 2016

Status Update

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Life on the Road


The spring of my 67th year, finds me in the desert outside of Los Angeles.  Living in a RV Park in Desert Hot Springs.  I awoke this morning feeling real good, and sat outside and watched the sun come up.  Amazing how this disease effects every mood of your being.  Butt. and that’s a big but, when it comes down to it.  All one can do is try to be happy.  Just like our founding fathers said, in the Pursuit of Happiness.   I don’t know if I’ve found it, but I am satisfied at where I’m at now.