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May 13 2017

Mothers Day Secrets

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Me&Mother51-2Barbara Gilcrease

Life is a strange adventure, and things never seem to be static.  Just when you think nothing changes everything does.   People do things, you wouldn’t ever think they would do.  No matter, how well you think you know someone, you never ever really do.   Secrets, things one keeps to themselves.  Everyone has the secrets…I suppose.  
    I’m still blown away from the recent secret that came out in my mothers life, one that she carried to her grave.  How much of our lives is hidden away in closets, out of sight but not really out of mind.  How many hidden secrets do good, hidden away from the light, or do they do harm, and should be kept in the dark.  I guess it all depends upon the secret  
    Secrets, what would it take for someone to share their secrets that they locked away from view.  Would you share yours?  What does it take to bare ones soul to a loved one.  Would you share to the world and share those things kept hidden?  Is it harder on the one who is keeping secrets or those who will never know unless the secrets become known.  I guess it all depends upon the secret.  
    On this mothers day, I’m thinking of my mother and the secrets she kept.  Upon learning of a secret she kept hidden from me all these years, it just make me wonder about the unknown.  

April 16 2017

Life’s Changes

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Here recently I’ve had some life changes happen to me that was like opening the window in a storm.  Its blown me away.  I’ll explain and in this explanation, maybe I find a little understanding of my own in telling this family story.  You have already read about me meeting my son for the first time.  A very personal and exciting meeting that was long over due.  I was ecstatic about the meeting but it was just the beginning of the storm and the wind was only a teaser, of what was to come. 

The wind begin to blow with the ringing of the phone.  Usually, I don’t answer, if the number calling isn’t one that I know.  For some unexplained reason, I answered this call.  On the other end of the line, was a person explaining that he was a private investigator.  He was working for an individual trying to find me who claimed to be my younger brother. 

Brother, and that’s when I said that I don’t have a brother, and you must have the wrong person.  I ended the call not thinking much about it.  I’m an only child, and all my life I lived with the fact I had no brothers or sisters.  Well that little wind blowing turned into a full blown gale, when shortly after this conversation, the phone rang again and it was my Aunt.  She too, had received a call and she knew nothing at all about her own sister having another child after me. 

To make a long story short, I have a younger brother.  Isn’t life strange.  We have talked twice upon the phone and through email.  I’ll try to piece it all together when I have it all sorted out in my head. 



May 13 2015

Life on the Road


There comes a time in a persons life, when one has to let go.  Time is the reason.  It’s not the only reason, but it has it’s own priority.  Letting go, isn’t easy, but the rewards may out weigh the loss.
All of our lives, it has been that calendar or that clock on the wall that we watch.  Everything about our lives is in a fixed relationship to those measures of time.  How does one let go of something that is so essential to us.
It happened to me when I came to the realization that time isn’t my friend.  It came to me, when I realized that I have no time left.  No time left, for those things that rob me of my time.  So, I’m letting go, I’m letting go of the stress, the strain, the drama that enters my life draining away my time.