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July 7 2012

Powwow Dancer

Grand Ronde Veterans Powwow Dancer 


One of the dancers at the Powwow in Grand Ronde, Oregon.  It was the Grand Ronde Veterans Powwow

May 5 2011


Cone Game

dsalmonconegame.jpgThe late traditional Chief David Salmon conducts and referees the game he brought back from the past to play at the Powwow.  The Powwow is dedicated to his memory this year.  It’s a game of strength between two players.

March 15 2011

In Honor Of Bob Maguire

Rock Art


I took this photo yesterday, and awoke this morning to hear of the death of a good friend.  Bob Maguire of Fairbanks Alaska.  Drum Keeper of Soaring Eagle Drum, a man very respected and loved throughout the Native community of Alaska.  Bob and I worked as Chairmen on the Midnight Sun Powwow and were drummers in the drum Walking Hawk.  He was a friend, who i respected immensely.


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