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May 6 2017

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Coming Up Roses


A run for the Roses, that’s what it is like.  To run for the finish line, having cancer and being on treatment is sort of like a race.  It’s a race for life.  I’ve been running that race and yesterday I crossed the finish line. 

I was told, that all my numbers and scans showed improvement and the cancer is retreating or being held at bay.  I will continue to stay on the treatment for the next two years and hopefully we will see even more improvement.

I’m feeling well, and doing well.  I’ll keep running.  Somewhere, back in the past BC, that’s before cancer.  I heard this story. 

Everyday, somewhere in Alaska there is a Caribou, who wakes up knowing all he has to do is outrun the fastest Wolf to survive. 

Everyday, somewhere in Alaska, there is a Wolf, who wakes up knowing all he has to do is outrun the slowest Caribou to survive. 

The moral of the story is no matter what, when the sun comes up, you better be running.

January 6 2016

Status Update

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High Mountain Snows


Here I sit, it’s almost 6 pm on my first day of Chemo.  Not having a lot of side affects as of yet but they are making themselves known.  What a cocktail of chemicals I’m getting.  No wonder, this stuff is bad for cancer.
But I’m superman, says Debbie, my PSA has already declined from a reading of 134 to 27.  Not bad for a good start.  The doctor took my case before the tumor board of the hospital.  I’m not sure what this board does, but they were amazed that I’m not in more pain.  I guess it’s an over-sight board of some sorts or another.  I’ll have to inquire.   Lets all see how I’ll feel tomorrow after another added treatment to the mix I got today.

This picture was taken this morning.  I’m up and feeling good.  So far so Good.  I’ve got a support system of lots of friends and family.  The post below was from the day before:

Well, tomorrow is the day, my first day of Chemo Therapy.  I’ll wear my cleanest superman suit and I will throw my chest out and say, here I am.  I’m here to beat Cancer.