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January 21 2017

Snow on the Mountain

Valley of the Wind

176273I haven’t posted in quite the while, I’m sorry to my readers.  I’m doing well, just trying to gain my strength back.  I’m getting better ever day.  Here is a shot of the snow levels above Palm Springs, it’s low on the mountain after last nights storm.  More to come they say. 

December 24 2016

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in Southern California


Christmas arrived today with snow on the mountains

December 17 2016

Life on the Road


Hello, Squirrel Cam watchers, family, friends, followers on my Facebook page.  First thing first, Mvto, or thanks.  I want all to have the best of holidays, no matter what religion you follow or don’t.  Now, to let everyone know, what the status of my health is.  I just had a recent CT-scan and the results were discussed with my Oncologist.  He was very happy and so am I.  The scan showed no growth in the metz in my spine.  My lymph nodes show little to no activity.  As of now, the immunotherapy is doing it’s job by keeping them all in check.  My blood work, shows my PSA reading in the normal levels, although they are slowly rising.  It’s good news, but I still have cancer, and how long I can stay on this treatment isn’t known.  So, for now, we keep doing what we are doing and hope it stays this way for a long while.