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March 27 2017

New House Mate

Life in the Desert


This old guy showed up here at the RV one day.  He could barely walk.  All he wanted to do was drink water and sleep.  He’s old and sick and to make a long story short.  He’s now one of the family, how ever long he wants to stay.  I think he found us for a reason.  

I’m sorry I’ve not posted in such a long time.  Life has gotten in the way.  I still have cancer, and still getting treatments, trying to hold it at bay.  So, Debbie and I have made a decision just to live one day at a time for now.  Living, loving and having fun.  I will try to post more, take more pictures and enjoy more. 

September 19 2016


California Spotted Ground Squirrel


This guy moved in next to us.  It likes the feeders and water dish, being handy to it new home it building under this wall of timbers

July 26 2016

RV Park Cat

Fred’s New Toy


She loves it and loved it right away as soon as we got it home.