May 26 2018

Rocky the Spotted Ground Squirrel

Going to Make him an Internet Star

Rocky is growing

Rocky is growing like a weed.  Getting bigger every day.  If I can get a camera working, will try to get some live video of him going on the page again.  I may need some coding help. 

One Response to “Rocky the Spotted Ground Squirrel”

  1. Juanita says:

    Been going down a bit of memory lane today and watching several of your squirrelcam videos from Alaska. Really remember those days fondly. After a stressful day, I would drop in your Alaskan world and just relax. Loved all your videos. I had forgotten how fat your Alaskan squirrels always looked in the winter. Most likely that was just their thick winter fur, but it made them look so chubby.

    I’ll never forget the day you took a glass of water and threw it up in the air. From a southern girl’s perspective, I had NO idea that it would immediately turn into ice crystals. Loved that video.

    Good to see that you have another little friend, and you named him Rocky!

    Best wishes from a grateful sqirrellcam viewer. Juanita

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