June 29 2017

Story waiting to be told

The Story waiting to be Told

I’ve sat down a couple of times, trying to write this story. I seem to have, what they call writers block. I can’t seem to come up with the beginning line. Where does one start. My life is in complete turmoil, and not all that turmoil is of my own making. So, one is suppose to start at the beginning.

The beginning, where is the beginning? I’m searching for a beginning, something to give me a balance
Balance, balance in ones life is hard to find. I’m off balance a great deal anymore, the older I’ve gotten, the worse my balance has become. You see, this isn’t the story, that I wanted to write about. Sometimes, when I sit down to write, the story doesn’t roll off my keypad. I have to coach it out into the open.

My brother called today, and I told him I was trying to write about our experience of finding each other and how this came out into the open. He said he couldn’t wait to read it. Well, brother you may be waiting a while for something or anything that may make sense. The story has to percolate through the gravel of my life experiences, that filters my thinking and writing. There seems to be a lot of fines in those layers of gravel and it’s going to take a while before it filters through.


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