March 22 2016

Status Update

Life on the Road


The spring of my 67th year, finds me in the desert outside of Los Angeles.  Living in a RV Park in Desert Hot Springs.  I awoke this morning feeling real good, and sat outside and watched the sun come up.  Amazing how this disease effects every mood of your being.  Butt. and that’s a big but, when it comes down to it.  All one can do is try to be happy.  Just like our founding fathers said, in the Pursuit of Happiness.   I don’t know if I’ve found it, but I am satisfied at where I’m at now.


6 Responses to “Status Update”

  1. Jean Lathem says:

    Happy Easter to you and Debbie…Jean

  2. Karen Macor says:

    Thinking of you two and missing your friendly faces.

  3. Pete, Barb, & Meggie says:

    Was writing about hummingbirds in this week’s letter which led me to my archived hummingbird photos from you and then to the Squirrel Cam. Wishing for the best outcome possible with your cancer and will keep you in our prayers.

  4. Ed of So Cal says:

    I just spent yesterday with my 89 year old mother and 80 year old mother in law for Mother’s Day. It was south of you in Imperial County. Heading back home my wife and I drove through the Desert Hot Springs/Indio area (Sonoran Desert). I remember that you previously spent some winters there or in the Twenty Nine Palms area of the Mojave Desert. I thought I would peek into your blog that I used to visit a lot when you were at the Permafrost Ranch and Gordo was still king. Prayers for your healing. Sad to hear that you and Debbie are being challenged lie this. Many folks sure hope you get to enjoy a lot more years together having happier times.

  5. JuanitaM says:

    Hi Bob, I’ve been checking into your site every now and then since you were in Alaska with the red squirrels! Yesterday, I thought I’d check in and see what you guys were up to, and I’m so sorry to hear that you are having to go through this treatment. Since you’ve given me such entertainment over the years with those wonderfully funny squirrels and stories of the Chunky Monkey, I just wanted to send you many good thoughts and prayers in return. I know it’s awfully hard, but people do get through the chemotherapy, and go on to live a long life. Here’s hoping for many many more years on the road for you and Debbie.

  6. Jean Lathem says:

    Happy Fathers Day Bob. Kinda worry about you , haven’t seen a post since March 22. I guess I can assume you are not feeling well enough to post but I pray you are progressing. Jean

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