January 15 2016

Update, One Week

Looking Forward

Went to the Doctor yesterday, had a blood draw and testing done before the consultation and quick exam by my doctor.  My PSA is lower than it as been in a long time.  The lymph nodes have declined to the point I can’t feel them in my groin area and the doctor said this is good.  He said the others in my body are doing the same  Another good sign is my White Blood Cell Count.  He says my marrow is strong, even with the first blast of chemo and the count is high.   I’m responding too everything they are doing.  He’s even cutting back on one injection because of the high count.  So, the status, is good, It looks as I am responding well to the therapy.



3 Responses to “Update, One Week”

  1. ldervish says:

    That is great to hear.

  2. Jean Lathem says:

    Hip Hip Hooray !!!!!

  3. Chad says:

    So good to hear Robert…we will all keep up with our positive thoughts and prayers sent your way…

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