January 6 2016

Status Update

High Mountain Snows


Here I sit, it’s almost 6 pm on my first day of Chemo.  Not having a lot of side affects as of yet but they are making themselves known.  What a cocktail of chemicals I’m getting.  No wonder, this stuff is bad for cancer.
But I’m superman, says Debbie, my PSA has already declined from a reading of 134 to 27.  Not bad for a good start.  The doctor took my case before the tumor board of the hospital.  I’m not sure what this board does, but they were amazed that I’m not in more pain.  I guess it’s an over-sight board of some sorts or another.  I’ll have to inquire.   Lets all see how I’ll feel tomorrow after another added treatment to the mix I got today.

This picture was taken this morning.  I’m up and feeling good.  So far so Good.  I’ve got a support system of lots of friends and family.  The post below was from the day before:

Well, tomorrow is the day, my first day of Chemo Therapy.  I’ll wear my cleanest superman suit and I will throw my chest out and say, here I am.  I’m here to beat Cancer.

5 Responses to “Status Update”

  1. Tom from Florida says:

    Bob. you got the old spirit back, stay like that.

  2. Jean Lathem says:

    Way to go Bob.. One treatment at a time.. You have the attitude I like. Positive… When you feel sick or down and out go back and look at your pictures.. The beauty of it all.

  3. Jean Lathem says:

    Hi Superman, well it has been a week now, how are you doing ? What was the tumor review board findings?
    Did they tell you how many treatments you’ll have? I hope you are staying positive and keeping on your boxing gloves on.
    Tell Debbie we are not only sending prayers to you but to her too… Jean

  4. ldervish says:

    If you could use a distraction (and feel well enough), maybe you two could begin to go through the thousands of shots you’ve taken, selecting for a “Best Of RWG” or “My Favorite Shots” type collection? I for one would love to see that, and if it helps you get through the rough times it is worth even more.

  5. Jean Lathem says:

    As my previous post (#2) I basically said the same. But he could compile the best is even better. My exact sediments Idervish. When you start feeling a little better Bob, that is your homework assignment. Compile a book, I would buy it… Jean

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