December 8 2015


Bad News

I waited until the last hours to send in a form as jpgs to an insurance company.  They want a fax, they didn’t how to deal with the jpgs.  So, I didn’t see the email asking for me to fax until almost 8 last night.  I was so tired from the procedure I went though that afternoon that I couldn’t find anywhere at the time of the night to fax it.  So, I’ve lost my drug coverage for the next year.  Thanks of so much 

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One Response to “Screwed”

  1. ldervish says:

    Is there no appeal procedure? If they reacted to your submission, it acknowledges that they received “something” before the deadline. Send the fax ASAP, with reference to their request that you resubmit. If they then deny coverage, file an appeal. You may have to use an atty who is a specialist but that would be cheaper than what you are facing with no insurance.

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