August 1 2015

Canyon Lands

Life on the Road


What a place for a old corral.  I wonder just how many years it has stood up on the hill overlooking such a view.  It is
the first day of August, we will be slip sliding away this month from Colorado, slipping into the rising sun headed for the Rio Grande Valley and the city of Albuquerque.  We want to visit some old friends, and get some work done on the RV.  I’m looking forward to the change, just for the change.  The last couple of seasons we have sat still and not moved except for day adventures.  Then I suppose it’s on the road back to California, although I’ve got some ideas as where we will go to first.  


5 Responses to “Canyon Lands”

  1. Frannie says:

    …and can you imagine who the fortunate owner of this
    place is? The soil looks like it’s not been too long since
    the corral was last used. Wouldn’t that have been an
    enjoyable feat to observe with the cowboys herding the
    cattle into it!

  2. ldervish says:

    I think I need to be sitting right in the middle of it, with a little campfire and a big coffee pot, toasting the people who turned me on to it. Bon Voyage, you two.

  3. Databrokers says:

    Yes, Frannie, I can imagine that. It’s located in such a drop dead beautiful scenic place. I’m not sure how long since it was last used but I’m thinking with it’s close proximity to the highway that it’s still in use occasionally. It’s such a pretty part of the world and within a days drive from the San Juan’s Mountains of Colorado. There is much to explore in the part of the world, hopefully this won’t be our last time in the area.

  4. Databrokers says:

    Hey Larry, have you and Elaine ever traveled out to this part of the world? I know you like to fish, and there is some nice trout rivers around the San Juan Mountains. Other than fishing, the scenery is spectacular. We’re headed to see Jan, we will say hello for you.

  5. ldervish says:

    We passed thru Zion Nat’l Park once heading to LV, had something pretty big crawl beneath the tent floor in the dead of night that scared me to death. Yes, I still have some of my photographs from that area, even a rookie like me can get a good one there. Hope you’re staying long enough in ABQ to catch the balloon fest, I recall a special time there spent with special friends. My best to Jan.

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