July 7 2015

Utah Day Trip

Debbie at the Valley of the Gods


We took a little day trip up into Utah to see lake Powell.  This shot is of the Valley of the Gods in the background. 


8 Responses to “Utah Day Trip”

  1. Jean Lathem says:

    Hi Debbie, now I know you really exist. LOL As per old TV show Columbo, he always talked about his wife but you never saw her.. I will now call you Mrs. Columbo. LOL Nice picture. Jean

  2. Databrokers says:

    I didn’t realize that I’ve not published more photographs of Debbie. She says to say hello.

  3. Databrokers says:

    Here is another shot from that one day trip


  4. Databrokers says:

    We’re going to make another day trip up to the Valley of the Gods, and get closer in to the Park. This is shot from a good distance.


  5. Databrokers says:

    Beautiful places in this part of the country.


  6. Databrokers says:

    It was a fantastic trip, we had a blast. Driving up this road was neat.


  7. Databrokers says:

    We we’re headed to Lake Powell, but ran out time so didn’t spend much time there. We’re going back.


  8. Frannie says:

    Get Debbie to take some shots of you as well
    (now that you know we need to see evidence of
    you both). She can point and shoot without
    cutting off your head! This looks like a
    wonderful place to go see and expeprience.

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