May 8 2015

Good Work

Excellent Service

Last fall I stopped in Flagstaff Arizona because of some truck problems.  They found and serviced my truck with remarkable results and I’ve blogged ( )  about it before.  There was some recommended work needed on the truck, that I postponed until this spring on our way back from the desert.  The old picking up truck is in the shop and being worked on.  They gave us a brand new car to drive while the work is being accomplished on the truck.  The service I’ve received from these people is beyond any I’ve received before from several GM shops.  Here is the place:

So, if you need some work done, they will do a fine job.  Here is a picture of the new car they gave us to drive152707-1

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  1. ldervish says:

    Sweet! Sounds like they appreciate their customers, a rare attitude these days. It’d be nice if you were near Flagstaff when the time comes to replace the old workhorse.

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