April 26 2015

RV Mobile Repairmen

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I’ve watched several mobile RV Technicians work on my hot water heater in this RV.  I’ve had trouble with it on more than one occasion.  In both instances, the technician diagnosed the problem.  It was the same problem both times it seems.  Now, after the first instance, I myself replaced the same components to repair a similar instance of the same problem.  I replaced them because the first technician did a very poor job on the reinstallation of the components by using one that wasn’t really made for this unit.  I’ve blogged about this before but I suppose he didn’t have the item in his inventory of parts upon his mobile repair truck.  You can get the components in a Repair package from most quality RV parts stores that contains the items needed to replace the 3 components in one package.
It was the same with this last technician, he also didn’t carry the needed components in his mobile repair unit and had to travel to town to find the correct parts.  This unit is  very common on many different models of RV by a known mfg.  Which after inspection of his work, he also didn’t find the correct Repair package and made do with a quick fix with a component similar but not the one recommended by the manufacture.  How long the unit will continue to function is a good question but if I go by past experience.  I’ll be replacing it before long.
As one can tell, I’m a slow learner, but I’ve got the answer to this, it just took me a while to figure out how to deal with this kind of ineptitude from expensive technicians.  This hot water heater is a pretty simple machine, and the next time I’m by a reputable parts dealer, I’ll buy exactly what I need.  I’ll carry the correct spare parts myself.  Paying the high prices they charge to have a half-ass installation done is more than I can stand.  I’ve come to find that most mobile RV technicians do the best they can I suppose but they charge exorbitant prices and don’t always perform with the highest standard I seem to want.  It’s always a quick fix.
Finding a good mobile technician is similar in all other professions one would want to find.  Like a good doctor or a good mechanic, if you happen to find one, latch on the him or her.  The preverbal saying, goes, it’s like looking for hens teeth.

There is always more to the story, here is a picture of the replacement parts needed to fix the RV’s water htr.  152483-1

As you can see by the price tag, it’s very cheap parts to replace

The below picture will be the fix done by the mobile repair man.


The part on the left isn’t the replacement ECO required

The below picture is the finished job I did in less than one hour with the correct parts needed


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4 Responses to “RV Mobile Repairmen”

  1. ldervish says:

    Any idea why the part is failing? Like poor design, poor construction, or something else in the system overloading it somehow. Thermostats in homes rarely fail, at least in my experience. I don’t ever remember being told that. Perhaps someone in a place like Camping World would know enough about the systems to give you some advice on a more permanent fix. You might get lucky, especially if they sell/service campers. Until then your solution of carrying a backup is a good one.

  2. Databrokers says:

    No, I don’t have a clue as to why the parts fails, my thoughts upon it are that both are exposed to the elements inside the cover on the RV. One is an ECO and the other is Thermostat and are covered by a thin piece of foam rubber. The other problem here is lack of a good reliable parts department at Camping World. They don’t have any stock, I don’t know why and the parts people don’t really know what they are doing. It’s a very long story but we came here with the idea of using Camping World to get some work done that is needed on the RV. I have serious doubts as how good their repair department is. For example, our Jensen radio/cd/ built in stereo failed. You can’t send them in for repair, so I purchased a replacement. The newer model has a different cable hook up for the built in antenna on the RV. They didn’t have it, and didn’t know they needed it to install such units. I called the factory and they gave me the Part number of the item but said they would have to have the retailer order the part for me. I called the partsman at camping world, gave him the number and explained I need him to order it. Well, the next day he called, he had forgotten my name but he had my number and said, “I found that part you need” Do you want me to order it” Now, I was gracious and said thanks for finding it. He was proud of himself, and he even gave me the correct part number. The exact one I gave him two days before. Now, you see why I have some serious doubts as to this departments ability to do the job. I also order a new hub to replace the one that has a buggered up tire stud on it. I would think any good service department would be able to press the buggered up stud out and press a new one in. But they can’t do it here they said. Now, it’s been a week on ordering the hub. They haven’t ordered it from what I can figure out from the last phone call. There still looking for one but the guy is not there who is suppose to be working on that.

  3. Frannie says:

    You know, Bob……it certainly seems like the “service”
    you’re frustrated with is, in various degrees, in almost
    every field of business. I recognize your description and
    have had like experiences. It’s a good thing to have
    the smarts and common sense to keep one step ahead of
    these losers. I feel your pain.

  4. Databrokers says:

    I learned more today upon why the parts fail, from the technicians at the factory. Poor installation of the parts is the most reason they fail. Other than that, he didn’t have much to say. Nonetheless, I think there is maybe more to the story than he was telling me. Still, they do make a replacement package with all needed parts for the unit. I’ve even got the part number, and it’s relatively cheap. Under 30 bucks retail. I found a dealer around 100 miles who doesn’t have them in stock but is expecting an order in tomorrow with the item I’m looking for. So, a slow frustrating search for the fix. I had to rework the guys installation, it was shoddy to say the least. I had to jury rig and jury rig to make it doable. It wouldn’t have made it out of the park without coming apart I’m afraid. At least now, until, I can get the correct replacement parts I’m not afraid of it coming apart. There is no doubt about it though, this last mobile repair technician is a rip-off. He failed in all aspects, customer relations, technical knowledge and poor performance in the work performed. Not only that, exorbitant price for parts and work. I’LL be notifying the Better Business Bureau upon leaving the area.

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