February 14 2015

Life on the Road

RV Parks

Life in an RV Park, makes for some interesting times.  You get to meet people whom, most likely, you would have never met .  Vagabonds, travelers, seekers, of fame and fortune.  The lost and the lonely, and those looking for shelter, from the ravages of time and circumstance.   Some by choice and some by chance but all of us brought together by the human condition.
Many are retired, traveling the country, because they have the time, the money and the want.  Enjoying those golden years they worked so hard for.  Many are just vacationing with family and friends.  They bring the kids, the dogs and cats and they come only for the weekends or short weeks.  Still others, stay for extended periods of time while some are just passing through on the way elsewhere.
It’s a place of transition for many, whether the transitions be from one place to another.  It can be a transition of life, from working to retired.  For some it’s a transition because of work and jobs.   For the many others it’s a myriad of all those human transitions our society goes through.  To some it’s the final transition of life and death.
In the closeness of an RV Park, there is every human story that has ever been told. You can find it among the empty and full spaces of a park.  All one has to do is sit, watch and listen.  You will see and hear it all.  Only see it all change as the new and unusual characters pass through.  To my fellow travelers out there searching for something, keep on searching and we will see each other on the road or in the next RV park. 

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  1. Chad says:

    nice piece Robert…and yes, keep on keepin on!

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