January 30 2015


Life on the Road

I’m worried, about things I have no control over, for example, Medicare and medical cost.  Recently, I spent a evening at the emergency room.  I’m on Medicare, the basic plan.  Nothing special, but I’ve always been in fairly good health, until recently.
We received the bill from the hospital, open opening it, I almost fell out of my chair.  Total cost, billed to Medicare was 4400 dollars.  Whew, I’m not saying I didn’t receive my moneys worth, in total.  I have nothing but good words to say about my treatment and service received.
Nonetheless, the cost blew me right out of the water.  So, when I hear politicians who talk about cutting Medicare and Social Security.  It worries me.  It’s easy to throw people like me and others under the bus, We have neither the resources or the ability to pay such cost without Medicare.


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  1. Pootie says:

    Sounds reasonable, since Medicare gets charged like $5.00 per Tylenol, etc.
    Just to let you know Mediciare gets billed $66K (yes, “K”) for my dialysis 12
    times amonth. If there’s anything that Medicare won’t pay, usually 20%,
    they send the balance to be paid by my BCBS. It’s not cheap but I carrieid
    it over once I retired from Civil Service and kept it once I went into Medicare.
    It’s MORE than paid off for people with major afflictions, like me. Take care
    of your disposition to havediabetes. I would not like to see you end up like
    me! I’m a prime example.
    Love to you and Deb

  2. ldervish says:

    FWIW, hospital billing and medical billing in general is, in my view, a big game in which (as usual) the public can be the loser. After my outpatient knee surgery I got an EOB showing the outpatient surgical facility billed $10K for use of their surgical theatre, of which they received just under $900 between BCBS and my co-pay. They knew before I went there how much they were going to get. Maybe they get to write off the $9100, I don’t know. What I do know is that people without insurance are “on the hook” for the full monty, not the reduced amount they contract for with insurance companies. Some hospitals garnish people’s wages when they can’t pay a big bill ( see: http://www.npr.org/2014/12/19/371202059/when-a-hospital-bill-becomes-a-decade-long-pay-cut) and I read a news story in the Wall Street Journal a while back about people losing their homes after the hospital takes them to court. It’s messed up. I’m not saying they don’t deserve to be paid, but I don’t get the multiple pricing at all. Sorry this turned into a rant…please delete if it’s inappropriate, Bob.

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