January 17 2015

Test Results

Life on the Road

    Returned from the Doctors and my follow up appointment to discuss the results of the blood testing.  My A1C blood test came back at a level that is .1 off being high.  Pretty much saying I’m diabetic, and the root cause of some of my symptoms.  That’s the root of it all I guess, high blood sugars causing lots of the classic symptoms.  The A1C test gives you a place to start.  Doctor has prescribed a medicine called MetFORMIN.   Still have some other blood work being done, because of my elevated liver levels.  I’m feeling much better and hopefully with this new treatment according to the doctor, we should bring it all under control.


4 Responses to “Test Results”

  1. Chad says:

    good to hear Robert…

  2. Deknitter says:

    Since you blood sugar is not high and sounds like borderline, could you control it with just a diabetic diet first before going into a medication ?

  3. Databrokers says:

    I have tried to diet, and have changed my eating habits accordingly, although not always successful in following such a plan. I’ve been borderline, now for quite a while and have made many lifestyle changes that didn’t seem to help. Some of the symptoms where becoming to much to handle, nonetheless, we will continue to try to eat correctly and exercise. Thanks Deknitter

  4. Eric S says:

    -44 in North Pole. Miss the cold yet?

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