January 11 2015

Life on the Road

In Search Of

I’ve had some minor issues this last few years with the old picking up truck.  We finally found a decent truck doctor in Flagstaff Arizona and the truck is running like it was brand new. Finding a good doctor, whether it be for your truck or for you isn’t always easy.  You see, I’ve was having problems that weren’t diagnosed correctly by several different mechanics.
Upon finding this mechanic(truck doctor) in Arizona, it was like a God send, so to speak.  He diagnosed said problems, and fixed them. Now, it’s the same with “me.”  I’ve been going to several different doctors, with some issues that I’ve been dealing with over about the same amount to time.  The doctors I had seen in the past have never ever came up with a correct diagnosis or a treatment to deal satisfactory with those issues.  Finding good doctors whether they be for my truck or me, is and has been like, looking for hens teeth.
Nonetheless, I wound up in the emergency room on Christmas day.  It’s not somewhere I would recommend to spend time at during that festive time of the year.  The doctor who saw me there, did a what I believe was a very professional assessment of my current issue  and did all the necessary steps to alleviate it.  She recommended an immediate follow up with my own doctor.
I don’t have a regular doctor, so the search was on.  We happened to be in an area of many retired people and the host of medical facilities that goes with our aging population.  Deb, went to this doctor a year ago for her basic health care services, and she was fairly satisfied with the care she received from him.  So, I set up an appointment in hopes of finally finding that doctor who would help for a change and come up with a diagnosis.
The appointment came and the doctor and I went over my history before the examination and the explanation from me of what I was experiencing.  The doctor then did what I thought was a really good examination.  We then discussed what he thought may be the cause, and he wanted to check my blood sugar.  This is the same diagnosis that previous doctors had come up with before.  At this point I had been believing this was the cause of my problems.
Even though the last few years, I’ve been walking an average of 2 miles a day, with the last year being alcohol free.  My diet was fair not the best but good.  This is what I was told would allow me to walk away so to speak from diabetes.  It doesn’t seem to be working, at least that is what I was thinking and so was this doctor.  So, we tested my blood.
The test was quickly done by one of the staff, and not only to her surprise but my own.  My sugar levels were within normal limits.  The doctor, said “I would have bet your sugar levels would be off the chart.”  Now, here I was thinking all this time I was pre-diabetic from all of the past diagnosis and from some of those symptoms I was experiencing.
The test threw out the quick diagnosis and the doctor said “we need to do some further testing”  but in the mean time, he gave me three different medications to deal with some of the issues I was experiencing.  So, here we are four days into the medications, and I’m seeing and feeling good results.  Amazingly, good results, that have baffled all others before this doctor.  In fact, the results of this medication this early in the treatment is phenomenal.  Needless to say, while we are waiting for further test results and a follow up appointment.  It seems I’ve found those proverbial hens teeth.  A doctor who is as a good human mechanic as the one I found for the pickup.


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  1. ldervish says:

    Congratulations on your good fortune, we love that kind of news.

  2. Eric S says:

    Glad you’ve found a doctor that listened to your problem. Doctors are a lot like mechanics, they are parts changers and not true mechanics. The doctors can sometimes be very narrow minded and forget to look at the big picture and want to prescribe a drug to solve a specific problem but without looking how it interacts with the rest of the meds you are taking. A mechanic will see a symptom and replace the part the computer tells them to without searching for the root cause of the problem.

    Glad you hit 2 home runs this inning.

    BTW still enjoy all your postings, and hope to be following them for years to come.


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