October 26 2014

Moving On

Life on the Road


Hitching up the Mules

Summer has come and gone here in southern Colorado.  In Alaska, those fleeting moments of fall are quick and over before one realizes it.  Here fall lingers, and takes its time.
In the shadow of Mesa, I watched the sunrise through the trees, that have pretty much shed all of their summer finery.  The pale pastel colors of the sunrise, pinks, blues, grey and white dominate the sky out my window.  The grass is still green but covered with the gold of fallen leaves.
The weather is changing and we are getting ready to change locations too.  The park closes on the 3rd of November and our rent is due the 1st.
Going to slip slowly southward towards southern California but we’re going to check out some places we have never seen before arriving at our destination.  Places, like Lake Havasu and western Arizona, just for shits and giggles.   


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