September 30 2014

Squirrel Cam Web Page Continues

Will Continue

Thanks everyone, I’ve upgraded everything I can and we should be good to go. I’ll have a friend, who is very busy at this time, but when his down time rolls around in November, he will be able to give me a hand in upgrading that moving the site forward. Thanks to my host, David for hanging in there with me. So, for now the site will stay in place for you few diehards that watch.



2 Responses to “Squirrel Cam Web Page Continues”

  1. icu says:

    Holy Moley Cannoli—– for a time there I thought I won’ be able to follow your many travels and photos
    on your site. I have checked this site for a long time— back at the ranch doing that awesome live before
    Christmas show. Yes it was a show you played the part very good. Yes I am a diehard, and I will tune in
    every day to keep abreast of you happy days ahead. Take care


  2. fla-native says:

    I still done check in at least once a week to see you awesome photos, and do enjoy your travels. Thanks for continuing to share…..

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