August 28 2014

Gourd Dancers

Ute Mountain Casino Powwow


Gourd Dance Societies


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  1. ldervish says:

    I recognize the VN campaign ribbon, POW-MIA patch and Nike Hercules nuclear patch on the main dancer’s shawl, can’t name the others shown in your pics of him but many of them look military-related. It seems unusual to me in that I thought the pow-wows are largely cultural gatherings and aimed at perpetuating traditions, yet those recognize much more recent events. Are some of the songs/dances about respect for or remembering warriors ? Or are these perhaps his personal expressions? It impresses me, I can tell you that…

  2. Databrokers says:

    Larry, it’s a very long story, how the Powwow came about with the history and cosmology behind the dance circle. It’s very structure is largely based on the warrior societies. What your seeing in this picture is Gourd Dancers, a group based on Kiowa traditions and other great plain tribes. It usually proceeds dancing at Powwow’s or it can be completely different event. Now as to the Powwow, it’s suppose to be a healing circle for veterans, the veterans are the first to enter the circle behind the eagle staff and flag detail during grand entry. When all enter the circle to dance. Many Powwows are for veterans. Many songs/dances during the powwow are meant for warriors and veterans and just as you surmised it’s for. So, not only is it a cultural gathering it’s a way of honoring those who deserve such.

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