November 5 2013

Fred the RV Park Cat

Fred’s Big Adventure


She looks like an angle asleep and cute, but the rv-park cat came out in her last night.  She took off at a dead run, we tried to chase her down but she lost us under someones RV by hopping up into the undercarriage.  It was one of her past hangouts when she lived in Pagosa Springs.  So, we just walked on back to the house.  I walked around the block a couple of times trying to locate the runaway but to no avail.  So, did Debbie but nothing was seen of her for several hours.  I walked outside a few hours later and she just walked up and wanted in.  RV-Park Cat

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2 Responses to “Fred the RV Park Cat”

  1. Frannie says:

    Ain’t that just the way……..!

  2. jojo says:

    Driving you crazy, and then acting like nothing happened? I’d say he’s acting almost like a normal house cat!

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