October 16 2013

Life on the Road

Life on the Road

We have wintered over in the park before, but this winter we have parked in a spot at the very rear of the park.  I have a border of oleander flowers that separates it from the other sites.  It’s one of the best sites in the park as far as I’m concerned.  I’ve spent some time outside helping the park maintenance people out by raking all the garbage and built up crap that the wind has blown in.  Five 42 gallon garbage bags full out of this little spot.

Winter is a long forgotten problem, being nomadic in our present life.  The desert here is warm and inviting this time of the year.  The nights are cool, we can open the windows and vents and enjoy the cool breezes that are always present in this valley of the wind.  The weather on the old Permafrost Ranch is cool and winter there will soon arrive and our youngest daughter leaves Alaska behind this week.

The memory that comes to mind is when we first purchased the old Permafrost Ranch.  The youngest child was standing in her new bedroom, after awakening from a nap.  Pounding on the screen looking out the window at us and yelling I want out.  That seems so long ago and it was.

It now seems that she also wants out of Alaska.  I wish her and her husband well upon this new adventure down the highway.  They have traveled this road before but they will be pulling a trailer this time.  Nonetheless, this time of the year, I hope the weather gives them a break in traveling to a new life in Ohio.


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