September 23 2013



We arrived in Albuquerque on the 14th. We had so many problems with the electrical system that the next few days were spent setting up and repairing, replacing components. Then on the 20th we received bad news from the family, my wife’s sisters husband passed away. It wasn’t unexpected, being he was in a hospice. Still, it put a damper on the mood and we were looking forward to a party on 21st at a friends house in Albuquerque to lighten our mood.

Matt was celebrating his 50th birthday by having a party a few days earlier on the weekend before his actual birthday. The party was nice, we had dinner and drinks, enjoying and celebrating. Deb and I left fairly early in the evening just before dark and on the way home watched a beautiful sunset.

We awoke the next morning to the bad news that Matt had passed away unexpectedly by a heart attack during the night. My last words to Matt was to wish him a happy birthday and I told him I wished him 50 more. Now hauntingly those words never came to pass. In fact he never actually made it to 50 years old.

To my family, friends, and acquaintances…grab life by the sec, don’t ever forget, it can slip away quickly.

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