August 13 2013

Four Years

Four Years have come and gone since leaving the Alaska and the old Permafrost Ranch in North Pole.  There has been miles of smiles and tears in between.  We have met old friends in far off places and met new ones too.  Our little dog the Monkey man walked on and we moved on from there.  Our youngest daughter has also decided to leave the far north and has moved her children to Ohio in advance of their departure from Alaska.

Miles of changes, changes in latitude and attitude, still some things remain the same.  It’s Sunday Morning and I’m listening to the TV program of Sunday Morning on CBS.  I’ve watched and listened to this show for as long as it’s been on television.

Outside the window also brought on many changes, now instead of the chirp and noise of the Red Polls on the feeder, I hear the buzzing of hummingbird wings and the trill of the broad-tailed hummingbirds.  No more chatter of the little red squirrels that I loved so dearly do I hear.

If your wondering why I’ve not posted any new pictures, I’m having some camera problems, that I’m working on.  I’ll be back soon posting something for folks to look at.  Thanks for watching the Squirrel Cam…even though it’s been squirrel less for such a long time.


4 Responses to “Four Years”

  1. Tom from Flordia says:

    Good to here from you, i was concerned for your well being

  2. EricS says:

    I too had the same concern as Tom…

    Enjoy the photographs and commentary. Keep well and safe journeys Bob…

  3. Frannie says:

    Hey, there ~
    I wasn’t worried; I just figured you were on the move to your
    next resting spot. Thanks for finally putting something here so
    we’re aware of you. Have you moved out of Colorado? Well,
    you’ll have Ohio to visit once Kelly moves there. What a
    joyous occasion that will be! Love you guys.

  4. Databrokers says:

    Thanks to all who voiced concern over our well being. All is well with the exception of having some camera problems and just being lazy as to letting folks know what’s going on.

    We haven’t moved Frannie, the weather is too sweet to move from being high in the mountains of Southern Colorado. Ohio, is a long ways away but a great deal closer than Alaska. So, I’m pretty sure we will venture that way to see the kids and grandchildren. Thanks again for thinking of us old hippies wandering about the country side.

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