June 5 2013

Humming Birds

Another Pretty Face


I’ve got to take some more pictures.  Here lately I’ve had little ambition to do so.  Funny, how my picture taking ebbs and flows.  I’m having some second thoughts as to where we are  headed next.  It’s getting to be very warm here in New Mexico, and we would like to find some cooler places to light.  The high mountains of southern Colorado might be the place to go.  A friend said yesterday that the park we were thinking of staying in, is full up and we should make reservations if we want to get a spot.  We are re-thinking our destination plans and where we will go next.  It’s a tough decision…being a nomad looking for greener pastures so to speak.

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  1. Fla-native says:

    Just want you know that I enjoy your photo’s. So close to the hummers that I can see their tiny feet and eyelashes. I hope you continue posting for a long time. Thank you for sharing!!

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