January 20 2013

The AT&T Thieves

Rip OFF Thieves

I’m so pissed of at AT& T.  The internet pirates, my connection speed with the so called 4 G hot spot that I pay for monthly, it is worse than dialup speeds most of the time.  They are frigging thieves…   You call to complain and all you get is several platitudes of, well we are expanding in areas and it will improve with time.  Yeah but all the time I’m still paying big bucks for a shit connection.  Then they say well you can use our wifi new app and it will find free wifi spots for you sharing so you don’t hit your speed limit.  Ass holes, I’m not suppose to have speed limits on my hot spot.  I pay for the data by the damn gigabit.  They are thieves, no ifs ands of butts.  The chicken shits should be regulated out of fucking business.



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