January 2 2013

Highway of Life

Out My Window

I sit here in the evening and watch the sun go down.  I’ve been many places in my life and watched the sun sink away into the west.  Out my window, I can watch the traffic as it streams down Interstate Highway 40 into and out of the setting sun.

Some days it makes me blue, to watch the traffic as the darkness deepens along with my mood.  Like today the new day of the new year.  There is much promise in the new year but there is much left behind in the old.

I left friends behind this last year, and made some new ones along the road.  Life changes just like the flow of that traffic along that highway.  Some slipping away into the setting sun, and others moving away into the darkness of the night and all are out of my sight.

Time and life flows like the traffic along that highway.  Here I sit and watch as it passes by my window.


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