August 29 2012

Turning 64


Turning 64

My mother passed at sixty-four years of age.  I will surpass that hopefully but the passing of her birthday this month has me thinking of such things.  I suppose I was a bit melancholy over it.  It caused me to pause and think about the passing of acquaintances, friends, relatives and family.   Leaving Alaska, in the short three years we have been on the road brings the death toll from this same short period of time to seventeen.

Yes that’s right seventeen.  It’s not a large number but neither is it a small number for only three short years.  Many of my friends and family and acquaintances in reading this are affected by these passings, an hurting even more by my bringing it up.  I don’t mean to cause pain by posting.  I just write sometimes to clear my mind and in telling the story, I hope I will come to some sort of understanding.

Isn’t that what we all look for at times, “Understanding”



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