August 26 2012

Looking for Nuts

Sneak Thief


Slipping in the door hoping we don’t see him grab that peanut.

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3 Responses to “Looking for Nuts”

  1. ZChicago says:

    He really came inside? What a treat. For you and him.

  2. Databrokers says:

    OH, it’s easy to entice them inside the door. We have one that will come right up the steps and hang on the door looking in when it wants a nut. If we open the door it will come right up to the top of the steps and inside the door to look at us or to get a peanut we put on the floor for it.

  3. ZChicago says:

    Just don’t let them spend the night.

    Your dog portraits are very, very wonderful. You could have an exhibit.

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