July 17 2012

My Name is Hoss

My Neighbors Little Buddy


My name is Hoss, and I’m a really good little dog.

3 Responses to “My Name is Hoss”

  1. Dequilter says:

    He sure is cute . But don’t let his cuteness give you any ideas Bob.

  2. Iwonami says:

    Hi Bob,
    Can you imagine, I am still missing little Bubba……
    Your photos of birds as well as all other photos are awesome.
    Best regards from Poland, Warsaw.

  3. Databrokers says:

    Hello Iwonami, wow it’s been a month of moons since I’ve seen a posting from you. I hope things are well with you and the cranes there in Poland. Thanks for the compliment. You know, I too at times miss that little Red Squirrel. I will always have deep ties to those squirrels.

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