April 3 2012

Just A Note


Hello Squirrel Cam watchers, we are now in a park in Sacramento.  We moved up from San Bernadino  after dropping a large amount of change at the Camping World.  Oh well, you only go around once, I don’t want to leave much to my children and spoil them :-).   We will move up farther north, I want to see Mount Shasta, I know it’s a new age thing, but I’m betting the Native Americans thought of her as a very special mountain.  From there we will move towards the coast.  I’m looking for a summer spot to squat.


Here is a picture, hoping you guys are still watching the Squirrel Cam

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6 Responses to “Just A Note”

  1. Fort says:

    Enjoy being in the great capital of the state of CA! (I thought I heard something rumble by on the freeway today.)

  2. Databrokers says:

    Hi Fort, Being new to this life, we managed to pull Tejon Pass, and I’m sure that’s what you heard. The old engine just straining to get us up the climb but we made it. I’m looking forward to seeing new places and new faces. I want to thank you for commenting and following along with the squirrel cam.

  3. Databrokers says:

    Just another note, to say how lucky a I am to have my wife, my friend and my lover along with me in the this journey. Without her, it wouldn’t at all be worthwhile. l

  4. Ed of So Cal says:

    When you get to Sacramento, take the pass less traveled. Go on 99 northbound to Oroville then up the Feather River. An under-appreciated very beautiful drive. Then go to Mount Lassen. That is a detour from a direct shot to Mount Shasta that is well worth it and that will let you go into the middle of a still smouldering volcano. Look up “Bumpass Hell” in Mount Lassen and you can visit the bubbling mudpots and steam vents that are still putting out hot steam. [LINK: http://www.americansouthwest.net/california/lassen_volcanic/bumpass_hell.html ] – – Later when you do go to Mount Shasta do go to Shasta Caverns. It is a medium to small sized cavern but it is impressive. – – – Then if you and/or Debbie like Shakespeare then go to Ashland Oregon to see their Theater and plays… [ LINK: http://www.osfashland.org/?gclid=CJSDo9Hkmq8CFQ2FhwodgiwRbA ] From there Crater Lake is a great sight to see and for the summer a trip through the Hoopa Reservation/lands is a nice way to go to the Coast, and you might be able to see if their tribe is Native visitor friendly. [ LINK: http://www.hoopa-nsn.gov/government/statistics.htm ] I have not stopped to visit, other than to pick the local Blackberries (called HIMALAYAS) in Season (August/September). A very nice Summer destination is the Redwoods in Northern California Coast or the various Light Houses on The Oregon Coastline…. A lot of great choices to be made. Enjoy:-)

  5. jack says:

    Bob & Deb

    Thanks for ALL yr help-

    happy trails,

    jack & deb

  6. Butch says:

    Still watching…and glad you arrived safely.

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