April 1 2012

Last Dinner

Final Meal


Look who swung by on our final day here in the high desert.  It was our young Sharp Shinned Hawk for our last dinner.

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4 Responses to “Last Dinner”

  1. Fort says:

    Everyone has to eat. A new hawk for me, we have red-tails here, but never get them this close to take pics. Nature. It’s a Good Thing. Last day? Where to next?

  2. Charles says:

    What’s it eating ????

  3. munford says:

    We have red-tails here, too, Fort. They are huge. They fly overhead way up high. When their shadows go over our yard it looks like the shadows of big planes. I realize it is the cycle of life, but I hate it when they are hunting the squirrels that I feed. I live in Arlington, TX. Where are your red-tails?
    I have never seen this kind of hawk before, Bob. This hawk looks like it has a band on its leg! Has it been banded?
    Charles, he looks like he is eating a plucked bird to me! I guess he already pulled all its feathers off.

  4. Databrokers says:

    Fort, we are presently in San Bernadino, having some repair work on the RV taken care of. From there we will head toward Redding and Northern Cali.

    Charles, it’s eating a Mourning Dove, that it had capture. The hawk stripes the bird of it’s feathers before consuming.

    Hi Munford, it’s a Sharp Shinned Hawk and yes it was banded.

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