February 13 2012

Squirrel Cam Journey

The Snowbird, Chunky Monkey and I left Alaska and the Permafrost Ranch in the summer of 2009 . Our journey has been interesting to say the least. I’m sure glad to have the company of all of you who have followed along with the Squirrel Cams journey. One fact that has come to pass since we started is that eleven people, whether it be family or friends or children of friends have passed away in this short amount of time. I’m just a bit overwhelmed by that fact.


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  1. Ed of So Cal says:

    I remember when you announced that you were putting the Permafrost Ranch on the market. It was sad to think that I would not see Gordo and the little flyers anymore. Your travel Blog has remained good. Here is to a happier and healthier Chunky Monkey. 🙂 Stay warm.

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