November 22 2011

Raptor Rescue

No Capture Folks


This injured raptor flew away but I’m worried about his survival.  He’s injured badly from the looks of it and I called the rescue folks down by Palm Springs.  They had no one in this area that could capture the injured bird anyway.  They need some one like the Bird Learning and Treatment Center in Anchorage

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One Response to “Raptor Rescue”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    Poor guy. Most of the rescue places rely on volunteers and there aren’t enough people who want to do that. There’s one in the suburbs of Chicago and they opened a center in the city several years ago. I had them come and pick up a migrating and injured Coot that I found.

    Your hawk does look like he’s in bad shape. It’s encouraging, however that he was able tto fly.

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