November 6 2011

Bright Light

Male Beauty


The iridescence of his feathers is awesome.  They flash with the sun and reflected light off the feeder.

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7 Responses to “Bright Light”

  1. icu says:

    One of your best photos yet. The colors are awesome.

  2. Z from Chicago says:

    Oh, Bob! That’s fantastic.

  3. Pootie says:

    Bob, you really need to do something about selling your
    photos to some kind of birding group so they can be
    published. Please, do some research on how to go about
    doing it. You’re too good at photographing all these birds
    and, obviously, you’re in a good spot geographically for
    lots of different kinds to come to your feeder to get
    photographed. SUPERB!

  4. munford says:

    I agree 100% with what Pootie said! Beautuiful picture, Bob.

  5. Databrokers says:

    Thanks you guys, your all my biggest fan club. I love to take my photographs and I do publish them, right here on the web page. For all to see, but to tell the truth, I’m not good enough or ambitious enough to attempt to sell them anywhere. As long as someone every once in a while tells me they appreciate the images I take, that is all I need to continue doing what I do.

  6. JOYCE says:

    Super photo!!!

  7. Z from Chicago says:

    Are you kidding, Bob? They’d sell. You could get a mat with five opening, put a small print in each opening, put it in a frame and sell it. If you did it as a limited edition you could do ok.

    Check Etsy to see how much people make for photographs. Or ask Al Geist for his opinion.

    Hah. I should talk. My siblings are constantly telling me to do that with my pictures!

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