October 9 2011

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Seeds Please


Wanting a Handout already.  They heard I was in the neighborhood but are on the lookout for the coyote.


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  1. Z from Chicago says:

    Very alert with his ears up like that. Good picture.

  2. munford says:

    Oh wow! He is beautiful. My parents lived in Grand Prairie and always had lots of little cottontails in their area. They were so much fun to watch. I have never seen any in Arlington where I live. I have squirrels, birds, possums and raccoons.
    Is this bunny a cottontail or a jack rabbit? He looks big for a cottontail but maybe the picture is close up so he just appears big.
    I do have a new little kitten. He rode home from the YMCA up under the neighbor’s car on one of our 107F days. The neighbor isn’t a cat lover and was squirting water up under his car which probably might have saved the life of the kitten because he was over come with heat exhaustion. I crawled under the car and took him off the axle. I didn’t think he would live but took him straight to my vet. He survived and I have him. I put “Found” posters up around and in the YMCA but no one claimed him. He is growing and is a lot tamer than he was after his survival. I’m still getting some spits, growls, and hisses but not as many. I have only gotten one bite from him when I was picking up a piece of food that was on the floor near the plate where he was eating. He was chowing and I had no idea he was even watching me but when I reached for the piece of food on the floor he “flew” forward and bit me on one of my fingers. Poor little guy had to fend for himself I can tell. Every time I feed him he acts like it will be his last meal. Getting so hot did something to the little guy’s thermostat as it doesn’t take much play for him to begin panting hard and loud just like a dog would pant. If I don’t stop his play he begins to cough because he begins having trouble breathing. I’m trying my best to tame him and make him a calm little kitty. My cat who is one year loves him and vice versa but they certainly play way to hard at times and I have to break them up. The new kitten just showed me he can hold his piece of hamburger meat in his mouth and hiss and growl at the dog at the same time. He doesn’t like the dog at all. Needless to say I named this new little kitten “AXLE.” I do, however, call him my “Punk” with a “Cattitude.” He has progressed. I am letting him out of his bedroom now early in the morning and just putting him back in his room during the night. If we leave I will put him in his bedroom also. I don’t trust him enough yet to leave him out alone with my cat and dog. If I leave him out at night I am so afraid there could be a big fight while I’m sleeping. Axle is learning though that it pays to be a good, sweet kitten instead of a “gangsta punk.”
    We got

  3. munford says:

    Sorry sumitted before I was through writing!
    We got 0.78 in. of rain since 9:00 last night. West Texas and Central Texas has gotten 1 to 5 inches which sounds like a lot but really isn’t very much when they are behind 15 to 17 inches for the year. It is still cloudy, 71F, and every now and then we are getting a sprinkle. I think this is suppose to last throughout the night but tomorrow I think east Texas is suppose to get rain.
    Did you see the Ranger game last night? I was so thankful for the rain I wouldn’t have been upset if they could not have gotten the game in. They did finishe the game though with two rain delays. I hope you are cheering for the Rangers and that we can beat the Tigers to go the World Series.

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