September 26 2011


Debbie & Jan


Debbie and Jan Evans.  Jan drove up from Albuquerque to see us here in Santa Fe,.   Jan Evans is one of our oldest and dearest friends.  We have known each other since the late 60’s.


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  1. munford says:

    How nice! I do hope all of you are having a great time visiting. I bet the weather is delightful there.
    I have a little papa redbird eating on my feeder right now. He is the first to eat every morning and usually the last one to eat in the evening.
    I have hardly any squirrels at all coming to feed. I fed so many all summer. I don’t know if something happened to all of them or if they found another food source. I even wondered if something in nature is out there now so there is plenty for them to eat and they don’t need my feed. If that is the case I don’t know what they would be eating. The acorns and the pecans are still really green right now. I hope they are safe and something didn’t happen to all of them. My neighbor did tell me that her dog had caught several squirrels. The neighbors know I feed the squirrels. I have wondered if the neighbors have caught them for their own food source. I know things can’t be easy for them as they have 3 older boys (one in college here at UTA) and 2 girls in jr. high and one girl in second grade. I know they must spend a fortune feeding their family and putting them through school and back in school. I sure hope they didn’t kill my squirrel babies as I loved them so. I guess it is my fault for taming them so much. They were so tame and never ran when I was out in the yard with them. I talked with my squirrel babes and they always acted like they knew what I was saying. I’m never going to tame any of them again.
    I’ll just try to keep taming my new feral kitten that I pulled out from under the neighbor’s car. He rode home under the neighbor’s car from the YMCA. He had his second series of shots today. He sure knows how to hiss, growl, spit, scratch and bite. I call him my “Punk” kitten with a really bad “Cattitude.” His real name is AXLE since I finally pulled him off the axle of the car. That man neighbor certainly not going to get under the car to rescue him. He was spraying water up under the car, but that might have saved his life as it was one of our 107F days. I thought the cat would die soon when I finally got him out from under the car. He was so limp, mouth open, and had the world’s longest cat tongue hanging out of his mouth to one side. He was breathing so fast and heavy. I rushed him to my vet and he survived. When he plays hard (which is the only way he seems to know how to play) it isn’t long before he begins panting heavily and it is so loud he sounds like a dog panting. The vet told me today that his ordeal with the car could have made it to where he is very heat intolerant because of taxing his ? system. Don’t remember what system he said. He told me when he started that to stop his play and make him quit playing until he cools off and stops the panting. This means more time he will have to spend in his isolation room. Poor baby. Sometimes I have to give him time outs during the day in his room because he just plays entirely too rough with my Devon Rex cat that is one year. The cats love each other and Mink (my Devon) cries outside Axle’s room until I will let him out again. I am still making him stay in his own room at night as he isn’t tame enough yet for me to trust that things might be okay over night if he were out with Mink and the poodle. I am afraid there could be a huge cat fight or a huge dog and cat fight leaving the dog with clawed eyes and nose. After all he is a Punk!

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