September 23 2011

Tree Climbing Ground Squirrel

On the Lookout


THis ground squirrel has climbed a bush above it’s burrow and uses it for a lookout.  I’ve never seen a ground squirrel climb a tree.


4 Responses to “Tree Climbing Ground Squirrel”

  1. munford says:

    What a cutie on the lookout!

  2. Dequilter says:

    I didn’t know there are ground squirrels and climber squirrels . I thought a squirrel is a squirrel. I know squirrels make their nest in trees here in Delaware. Jean

  3. Databrokers says:

    Hi Dequilter, I’ll try to grab a picture of the burrow where these ground squirrels live. Ground squirrels are different than the species of tree squirrels. For example, they have cheek pockets where as the tree squirrels don’t.

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